Every creature of Earth starts evolving at the stark beginning of discovery. When a child finds colors and smears them on a wall for the first time, they begin their journey with a head full of wonder. As we grow we learn what it is to adore and what pain feels like, to create and then destroy as well as creating by destroying. We get used to these creature comforts and as we slowly begin to progress we imagine a world without them. As destruction breathes change, our creations bring life. Ever changing is the wind of creativity and the adornment of desires.

The desires we choose to use to express our story, ultimately leaving a lasting stain on the world, are the reasons for why we continue to beat on drums and scream our point of view in song. We are all creators of our own creation and what we do with our light is how we burn our path to the other side.   

Here you will find the branches of my world that I have been brave enough to share. Branches that I've decided not to bury but rather, tell the stories I have been so honored to speak or act upon. Within these creations, you will discover and gather a glimpse into the darkest and most personal aspects of my design. 

In other words, This is the place where I keep all my magic...