“Mr. Jackets” Directed by Trista Taboada Cinematography by Morgan Routt

"Fragile" Written and Directed by Morgan Routt Starring Drago Sumonja & Talia Schade BCTC Production Charles suffers from a rare disorder known as Glass Delusion where he believes his body is made of glass and could shatter at any point of contact.

“Home is Where the Heart is” Written and Directed by Morgan Routt.

“Contract Driver” Written and Directed by Clay Ainslie, Cinematography by Morgan Routt.

"Only the Moon Howls" Written and Directed by Morgan Routt Hailey Price is faced with the death of her father, a strange package and a plan for vengeance. Her best friend Alex does all he can to help her cope with the tragedy but a new friend pursued's her down a dark path of revenge.

“Scary Christmas” Directed by Morgan Routt, Cinematography by Mark Ervin, Morgan Routt.